Reading Community Library

Privacy Act Policy

Statement on Privacy and Confidentiality of Library Records

The Reading Community Library will not release any patron information to any source unless a court order is presented.  Patrons will be asked to provide only information directly appropriate to receiving a library card.  Such information includes but is not limited to:  date of birth, proof of residency, valid drivers’ license number, PO BOX and/or street address, working phone number, and in some cases a secondary residence address (for patrons who have “cottages” in the service area but are based primarily in another district).

Pending Adoption by Reading Community Library Board
October 5, 2011

Consumer Reports

Patrons connecting to Consumer Reports will need to use the following to log in on the EBSCO site which will then proceed to Consumer Reports.

User ID: wlcmichigan

Password: CRO4wlc2024!<3

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