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Patriot Act Policy

Steps to follow when a court order, warrant, or subpoena is received.

Reading Community Library


Library staff served with a search warrant or court order authorized by the State of Michigan or with a federal search warrant, court order, or subpoena as part of an FBI investigation will not provide any information until the following steps are completed:

  1. Give a copy of this policy to the agent.
  2. Contact the library director (517-901-0085), if unavailable,
  3. Contact one of the library’s attorney’s:  Kevin Shirk (439-1421) or Glen Ziegler (439-4390).  If attorney is available, wait for the attorney to arrive and read the order.  Request that the attorney remain in the building until the search is completed in order to insure that only those items listed on the order are removed.  If unavailable,
  4. Contact board member(s) via phone list in desk drawer.
  5. Ask for requesting person’s identification.
  6. Call the office of the FBI (269-349-9607) to verify requesting person’s identity.
  7. Review the court order, search warrant, or subpoena.  Do not accept verbal or informal requests.  Do not volunteer any information.
  8. Comply with the request if person’s credentials are verified by proper sources.
  9. Librarians and staff served with such an order may not disclose to anyone of its existence or that federal law enforcement has obtained the information it sought except to those necessary to obtain the items sought in the warrant.  Such “gag” orders must be observed or individuals may be prosecuted.

The library and its staff have immunity from patron lawsuits under section 215 of the Patriot Act:  “A person who in good faith, produces tangible items under an order pursuant to this section shall not be liable to any other person for such production”.

If library records are released without a section 215 order, there is not protection for the library from lawsuits.

Adopted and Approved by the Reading Community Library Board
June 24, 2003

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